Midsummer celebration in Nusnäs

Midsummer begins with the maypole being brought down by the village hunting team and others who want to help, cleaned of last year's decoration and if necessary repainted  so it becomes resistant to the weather conditions. This is done several weeks before midsummer weekend commences.

The day before Midsummer eve you are welcome to help with this year's decoration at the fotballstadium "Morängen".
You bring in a HUGE bouquet of summer flowers, a big smile and then it's time to start decorating.
Midsummer eve:  All the children who want to help carry the decoration gather up at the Old School well before the appointed time for the celebrations,

This is also the place where the musicians come together to begin to tune up their instruments.
When everything is ready the whole group starts walking with the group of musicians in the lead, after these, two small fan-bearers dressed in folklore costumes, the leader and then the decoration carried by the children to the maypole  where it lies waiting to be decorated.
After this procession a long winding snake of parents and other participants walk along to the music.
If you have a folklore costume, do not hesitate  use it a day and weekend like this. Make it a tradition to celebrate summer and our village by wearing your beautiful dress. Female and male, children, youth, young and old!
Full schedule will be available under "News" as we approach the Midsummer Eve.