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More than the wooden horse!

In the heart of Dalarna in the area of Siljanlake in the county of Mora. This is where the village of  Nusnäs is located about 10 km southeast from the center of the city Mora on road 948. This is where the Dala Horses are produced. So it says if you are searching the word Nusnäs on www.wikipedia.com ...

However, our village has so much more to discover and experience. Welcome to look around on our site to see what we have to offer you!

Camping by Siljan lake in Nusnäs

The fee is 60 SEK/night/camper/tent/caravan
Pay to Nils Olssons Hemslöjd or Grannas A Olssons Hemslöjd (dalecarlian horse factory)

Are you a visitor?

Welcome to visit our village, perhaps for a few hours, a few days or a few weeks. Here you will find wonderful scenery where the blue water of lake Siljan follows the  village border on the west and forests offer both wilderness and wildlife in the east. Nusnäs is a small village with a rich culture and traditions.

Read more about what Nusnäs offers here!